Custom Order Your New Chevrolet

How To Custom Order Your New Chevrolet

If you are interested in reserving the first of a new Chevrolet model when it arrives to the dealership, if you want a different vehicle than what we have in our inventory, or if you can’t seem to locate the exact vehicle in our region, custom ordering a new vehicle might be the way to go!

When purchasing a new vehicle, there are four main options for obtaining the vehicle you are interested in.

Option 1

The first option is taking a vehicle that is already in stock and ready to go!

Option 2

The second option is a dealer swap, or dealer trade. For a dealer swap, we select the vehicle you are interested in from another dealer’s inventory, they will then choose a vehicle from our inventory, and we will arrange to go pick it up from their location.

Option 3

The third option is to choose from our list of in-transit or incoming vehicles. These vehicles are headed to Ruge’s Chevy but could be a few days to over a month away. Your salesperson can assist you in going through the lists of possible other options that best match what you are looking for!

Option 4

The fourth option is to do a factory order, which allows you to custom build your dream car, SUV or truck!


When Should I Place My Order?:

Average build time for a new Chevy vehicle is roughly 8-12 weeks. However, because of our vast model lineup there are some circumstances where specific models can take anywhere from 3-6 months. Your sales consultant will be able to breakdown an estimated time frame for you depending on the model and options you select!

Do You Require a Deposit to Order a Vehicle?:

Yes, we take a $500 to order a vehicle. This will be deducted from your purchase price when you pick up the new vehicle. If you decide to cancel the order, the deposit is refundable.

How Do I Know When My Order Will Arrive?:

After placing the order, your salesperson will keep you updated as it moves through production. They will let you know when the order is placed, when the order is in production, and when the vehicle is in transit to Ruge's Chevrolet.

Does It Cost More to Order?:

No! The pricing is the same! In fact, sometimes it is actually less expensive than taking something in stock, as inventory vehicles are typically equipped with packages and accessories that cannot be removed.

Can I Lock In Finance/Lease Rates?:

Although rates and leasing programs typically don’t change drastically, the exact terms will be determined by the delivery date rather than the time of reservation or order. Chevrolet typically changes their programs each month to incorporate new rebates and incentives.

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