Angels of Light, Holiday Giving with Ruge’s Chevy

November 28th, 2023 by

Holiday season is upon us – a great time to consider how we can be helpful to those most in need.

Among the many local charitable organizations we enthusiastically support this time of year is Angels of Light.

Launched by Lori and George Decker about 20 years ago with the initial mission of assisting “children and families with life-threatening illnesses living in the Hudson Valley,” the nonprofit has evolved over the years and now does so much more – helping families and kids all year long with expenses such as medical bills, food, utilities, and other essentials. Their work has made tremendous differences in the lives of people impacted by life-threatening illnesses and those who have suffered serious accidents or family members whose loved ones have suddenly and unexpectedly lost their lives.

Said Kristin Ruge Hutchins, “This is an organization who understands that we all need to do our part when community members suddenly find themselves facing extremely difficult circumstances. We are in awe of the good work Angels of Light has done to help carry their benefactors through very tough times, and we are proud to participate once again in this year’s holiday giving program.”

If you want to join us in supporting this meaningful cause, the Angels of Light Holiday Giving Program offers three unique options:

  • *Adopt a Family (by yourself or with a group). You will purchase, wrap, and deliver gifts to your Angels of Light family.
  • *Host a Giving Tree (this is what we do at Ruge’s – a perfect option for businesses). This allows your colleagues, customers, and visitors to collectively support a local family during the holiday season.
  • *Sponsor a Child or Family. Make a direct monetary donation, and the Angels of Light team will do all of the shopping, wrapping, and delivering of gifts to a special family for you!

By participating in one of the Angels of Light giving options, a local family in need will have the chance to focus on healing and spending quality time together while the burden and stress of affording and purchasing gifts is eased for them. In our opinion, this reflects what the holiday season is really all about!

If you’d like to get involved, send an inquiry through the Angels of Light website:

And you can also find and submit an intake form online (available in both English and Spanish) if you know someone who might be a candidate for the program.

No doubt that in brightening someone else’s holiday season, you’ll likewise brighten your own as well!

If one of our Ruge’s customers wants to volunteer or support your work, who should they contact?

I have witnessed much compassion, love, generosity, and commitment to many hours of hard work come from our volunteers. Without them Angels of Light could not continue with their mission to help so many families in need. If anyone would like to volunteer, sponsor, or host an event they may go to our website at

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